The next BIFD meeting will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland in June/July 2024

The Bifurcations and Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics Association (BIFD) is a non-profit organization devoted to promotion of research in instabilities and bifurcations in fluid mechanics.
A main objective of BIFD is the organization of scientific conferences. In the past, conferences have been organized at different places worldwide every two years.
The BIFD Symposium is a unique possibility to gather those involved in theoretical, experimental, and computational studies for presentation and discussion of various topics of common interest.
The purpose of the meeting is to present and discuss original research, research-expository and survey studies with emphasis on unsolved problems, open questions, and benchmark problems in the theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of stability and bifurcation theory related to fluid dynamics phenomena. The goal is to exchange experiences and to stimulate further interaction leading to establishing new or to intensify existing international scientific cooperation in the field.

Historical picture of the first meeting of BIFD in Madeira, Portugal, July 2004

Historical picture of the first meeting of BIFD in Madeira, Portugal, July 2004

Historical picture of the first meeting of BIFD in Madeira, Portugal, July 2004

Historical picture of the first meeting of BIFD in Madeira, Portugal, July 2004


Hydrodynamic stability is of fundamental importance in fluid dynamics and is a well-established subject of scientific investigation that continues to attract great interest of the fluid mechanics community. Hydrodynamic instabilities of prototypical character are, for example, the Rayleigh-Bénard, the Taylor-Couette, the Bénard-Marangoni, the Rayleigh-Taylor, and the Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities. The topics traditionally discussed at the Symposium are multiplicity of states, branching and path-following, identifying the most dominant mechanisms responsible for the instability threshold, bifurcation analysis.
Apart of these classical subjects, the following (but not limited to these) specific topics are of interest for the audience in the BIFD Symposia:

  • Biological/Biologically-Inspired Flows, Hemodynamics,
  • Computational, Experimental and Theoretical Methods,
  • Convection and Buoyancy-Driven Flows, Crystal Growth, Drops and Bubbles,
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Instabilities in Technological Applications,
  • Jet and Wake Instabilities, Dynamics of Liquid Films and Drops, MHD Flows,
  • Microfluidics Dynamics, Multiphase Flows, Multiscale Phenomena,
  • Non-Newtonian Flows, Reacting and Compressible Flows, Rotating Flows,
  • Shear Flows, Suspensions, Turbulence and Instability Control,
  • Vortex Dynamics and 3D Vortex Flows, Waves


BIFD was established in 2004 at its 1st meeting at the ICCES Conference in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.


To date, five international conferences have been organized in the framework of BIFD.

  1. BIFD2004, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, July 26-29, 2004
  2. BIFD2006, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 15-18, 2006
  3. BIFD2009, Nottingham, England, August 10-13, 2009
  4. BIFD2011, Barcelona, Spain, July 18-21, 2011
  5. BIFD2013, Haifa, Israel, July 8-11, 2013
  6. BIFD2015, Paris, France, July 15-17, 2015
  7. BIFD2017, The Woodlands, Texas, USA, July 11-14, 2017
  8. BIFD2019, Limerick, Ireland, July 16-19, 2019
  9. BIFD2022, Groningen, The Netherlands, August 16-19, 2022.


There is no membership fee. Everybody can become a member of BIFD by taking part in its activities and by sharing his/her experience with the BIFD community. In case you are interested in being informed about upcoming events you should send an email so that we can add your name to the mailing list.